Chanel tote bag

Chanel tote

Although designer bags fanatics go all crazy about the classic 2.55 bag or any of the Chanel flap, these are the Chanel tote bags that make the most profits for the Chanel handbag department. Chanel tote is one of the most practical handbags Chanel makes. It has double chain straps with some accented details, famous quilted design and the double CC logo on the front. The inside is beautifully lined and this tote bag is great a it can be used almost for anything, shopping, dining event, you can take it to work and business meeting, just name it. Chanel has all it covered.

The new line Mademoiselle also offers a large tote for the brand's loyal customers - it is called Mademoiselle Maxi bowling bag and is offered in several glazed leathers. If you liked the previous totes from this label, you will like this one too. As all purses from this line also this one features the legendary CC logo charm and a chain shoulder straps. If you find this handbag too large - then there is large bowling tote that covers all the needs for more room, however it si smaller than the maxi model.

Chanel totes are also avaiable via online shop and the genuine Chanel bags are guaranteed if you buy Chanel bag via trusted and certified websites. Don't be fooled by cheap offers, as most likely you can get some discounted Chanel small leather items, not any of major IT bags. One of the possibilities is to purchase second hand Chanel bag and you must take into account that it is almost mandatory to ask for original receipts, original dust bag, serial numbers, if such are, and proper care booklets. Some sites are offering Chanel bags for sale, but you are too smart to be fooled by these lucrative offers as this brand has never been known for the discounts or reduced price offers. Your only choices are buying an authentic purse or second hand purse.

Chanel is an almost everlasting elegance and not much has changed since its first Chanel handbag designs, so most likely it will stay like that for at least the same time. Chanel has a lot of tote bags, however the brand has not a men's bag section.

Tote is one of the most classic handbag shapes - it has clean lines and is quite roomy usually. This brand has produced many totes in the quilted pattern and seems to have forgotten the beauty of the clean and smooth leather tote. However the new collection features few of these precious smooth leather handbags for those who want something different from this fashion house. It is not cheap product but a real treat to eyes for sure. Tote is the practical purse as well and mostly because its classic design allows to carry it to a number of events, ranging from job interview to a daily most casual shopping. Some designs can also be easily combined with an evening outfit, and the Chanel branded totes are among those for sure.