Chanel clutch bag

Chanel clutch
Chanel clutch is offered in earthy color palette and the most popular still is the black Chanel clutch bag.

Typically they are leather clutch bags, although some fashion brands make also canvas clutch bags or clutches from synthetic materials. Chanel mostly manufactures Chanel bags in excellent leathers and sometimes have tweed bags.
Chanel clutch will make a great accessory for evening out and due to its classic and classy shape it will perfectly fit almost with any dress or suit. Chanel is all about good quality and classic elegance. It has always positioned all its products as luxury apparel, luxury handbags and luxury accessories as well. And the strategy has worked well since times of Coco Chanel, because this fashion house each year is named among the most influential and successful fashion companies.
Chanel is already 100 years old company and still it is at its peak and being one of the top fashion companies both in clothing business, accessories and also perfumes. Their accessories lines are impeccable, the leather accessories have still maintained their place among the most sought after purses (after Hermes brand) and the introduction of Mademoiselle bag (starring Blake Lively as the fresh face of the brand) has brought it back to the magazines and blogs hot discussion topics.
Discounted Chanel items are available via second hand market. But also caution must be used to make sure this is authentic Chanel bag or Chanel purse. There are lot of lucrative deals, but you should know better that this brand does not discount its products, so finding a cheap luxury purse is not realistic.

Clutch is one of the most versatile handbags - easy to carry if it has shoulder straps, perfect for the basic essentials - cell phone, cosmetics, hygiene products. This small purse goes well with almost any outfit, whether it is jeans and washed top or a black glam dress. Larger envelope style clutch is perfect for business meetings as well. If you want a perfect designer purse but your budget is limited, I would opt for the clutch size bag. if you love the big slouchy carry - it - all, then it is not for you, but then again you would not choose this brand to buy a purse. Look at Lauren Conrad with this perfect little bag.