2.55 bag

2.55 bag
It is one of the most iconic Chanel bags. The bag was sort of revolutionary for that time as the small handbag was added long straps to make it more comfortable to carry. As Coco Chanel said herself that she needed to free up her hands. This design is truly timeless and Chanel 2.55 is one of the most popular luxury women handbags. A reasonable good time has passed and still this is one of the IT handbags and a Must Have for anybody valuing the Chanel design - young girls on TV shows and royalty spending their vacation at some nice resort. The famous Chanel flap has several size versions of it, not to mention the color, although the principle of the famous quilted handbag remains the same. For absolute fans of the brand you probably already have checked out the competition of this famous luxury purse - the Mademoiselle bag is now out and already has gotten a lot of love from fashion critics and brand's general customer base.

Also there have been many replica 2.55 bags or Chanel replica. Sadly, but the company is fighting it hard to get rid of all Chanel replica bags and fake Chanel bags and yet there are more and more Chanel replicas that pop up.

Nevertheless Chanel 2.55 is available online and this is really rare to see Chanel sale that would include this famous handbag.
The traditional color of the 2.55 purse is black, although there are many other shades available in typical Chanel creamy color palette - beige, blue, white, pink bags. Also you can buy Chanel bags online, where the famous Chanel flap bag is available in several colors.

Visit also site about Hermes handbags site for more information on luxury designer bags. If you love classics then there are few brands that can offer you the true elegance - and these two are considered among the top brands. It also means that these brands are not cheap, and you will pay quite a price for the original deal, but then again this is very luxury you get, unless you make a custom made order with any of the big fashion houses.

Well, if you have decided to give yourself a gift, go for the 2.55 and choose from the variety of colors and sizes provided for this classic bag. The black and beige are the classics of the classics, but if you are more of a color person, why not choose the red one? Kirsten Dunst has one, and so does Mary Kate Olsen. But the black purse is compatible to almost any outfit, so if this is your first branded bag, take the no-risk-black-2.55-purse. There must be some magic spell that Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel has put on this design as it continues to beat its younger competitors year by year.